7 Habits of a Highly Effective SEO Marketer

I often get asked, what is it I do every when I am doing SEO. So, I have decided to put a list together.  Here are the lists of 7 habits of a highly effective SEO marketer whether you are SEO guru or a newbie and just wanted to know more about SEO and optimize your own website. This is my list and no way shape of form it’s a norm for everyone. We all do things in different ways specially when it comes to SEO. Hope this helps.

7 habits of a highly effective SEO Marketer

  1. Google Webmaster Tool
    1. Site Map
    2. Crawl Errors
    3. Site Speed
    4. CTR
    5. Backlinks
  2. Google Analytics
    1. Referring Site
    2. Landing Pages
    3. Bounce Rate
    4. Traffic Data
    5. Keywords
  3. Backlink Analysis
    1. Audit backlinks for disavow backlinks if necessary to Google Webmaster
    2. Search Competitor’s back link
    3. Look for back link opportunities
  4. Ranking
    1. Check ranking for Pages, Keywords, Backlinks
  5. Brand Monitor
    1. Monitor branding of your blog posting, social media posting, competitors posting
  6. Blog Posting
    1. Blog Posting
    2.  Keyword Research
    3.  Competitor Research
    4. Trend Research
  1. Social Media Posting
    1. Research Topics
    2. Research Market Focus Trend
    3. Research for Content & Picture